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Getting started with Feel Better After Drinks

Follow these 2 simple, important tips:

1. Keep it close by. Whether you’re out for the evening or at home, keep Feel Better After Drinks with you! The blue tube fits nicely into your purse or pocket so it’s always ready to go.

2. Remember to take it. There’s only one trick to using Feel Better After Drinks - remember to take it at the end of the evening or when you’re done drinking. That’s all! You may not be at your sharpest when you most need Feel Better After Drinks, so set yourself a reminder, keep it in a place you’re sure to see it, and have some water or other beverage around so you can take it.


The best time and best way to take Feel Better After Drinks

Best case for maximum impact. Here are the prime conditions from which you’ll receive the most benefits from Feel Better After Drinks:
  • When you’ve had about 5 to 10 drinks. Fewer than 5 drinks, you may not feel the effects, more than 10, you’re drinking a potentially toxic level of alcohol. Learn more about alcohol poisoning.
  • Take all of the pills in the package.
  • Take all the pills with a large glass of water.
  • Take it when you’re done with drinking and right before bed.
  • Take it 45 minutes before or after eating any food, if possible.
  • Sleep 6 hours or more for best effect.


Important! Eating food can reduce effectiveness

The best time to take Feel Better After Drinks is when you’re done drinking and done eating for the night. People often eat a meal or snack after drinking - eating food too close before or too close after taking Feel Better After Drinks will significantly reduce or even eliminate its effectiveness. You can even take it with your last drink - Feel Better After Drinks will work best if taken after drinking and right before going to bed. Consider taking Feel Better After Drinks instead of having a late night snack.

If you must or want to eat, wait 45 minutes (before and after) taking Feel Better After Drinks. There are no risks to eating food and taking Feel Better After Drinks, however, eating too close to the time of taking Feel Better After Drinks can reduce or eliminate the total effectiveness.


Safety, possible drug interactions, and general warnings about consuming alcohol

Is Feel Better After Drinks safe? Yes! The ingredients of Feel Better After Drinks have each been tested and used safely in the market for years, this is not a magic herb or latest fad.

Drug interactions. Do not take Feel Better After Drinks if you’re taking blood thinners, also known as anticoagulants, including but not limited to this list of commercial brand name drugs:

  • Rivaroxaban (Xarelto)
  • Dabigatran (Pradaxa)
  • Apixaban (Eliquis)
  • Warfarin (Coumadin)
  • Heparin (under various brands)
  • See a more complete list of blood thinners and anticoagulants

Feel Better After Drinks does not lower your blood alcohol level.  Feel Better After Drinks interrupts the metabolites of alcohol, in other words, it reduces the impact of what is left over in your body after you drink and metabolize alcohol. Your hangover starts after you stop drinking and start to sober up - as your body processes alcohol it produces excess compounds that create the family of related symptoms we call a “hangover,” i.e., dehydration, dizziness, nausea, headache, restless sleep, and more. Feel Better After Drinks targets the post-drinking metabolism and does not increase or otherwise change the amount of alcohol you can consume. Drink responsibly and be educated about the potential dangers of consuming too much alcohol.

About alcohol poisoning. Consuming too much alcohol can be fatal. See a doctor in the case of alcohol poisoning. Feel Better After Drinks will not reduce blood alcohol concentration and will not let you drink more drinks.


Sharing Feel Better After Drinks with your friends

Sometimes you'll want to share Feel Better After Drinks, and it’s only natural - after all, you’ve found something that works for you and typically you’re out with your friends when you drink. We ask that you do not share your Feel Better After Drinks Market Trial samples with your friends. And for now, please don't share your invitation on social media. We will have a program to do this soon but for now we're keeping this market trial as invitation-only.

Please have your friends sign up for the Market Trial on their own. Why? The reasons are straight forward: we want to know who is taking the solution and what their experiences are. And we want to be sure each participant has agreed to the program’s Terms and Conditions - it’s the smart thing to do for everyone. In Round 2 of our Market Trial, we intend to send you enough to share and provide an easy way for your friends to give us feedback.

In short: don't broadcast this market trial on social media, yet, but feel free to share the Feel Better After Drinks Market Trial program sign-up form with your best friends. We’ll do our best to include them if they qualify.


About ingredients and the various formulas in your sample packages

You may notice "A", "B", or "C" checked on your package this is an internal code for the market trial. We are testing 3 slight variations of the formula. Your feedback is crucial to this process. Don't worry about remembering what formula you take,  we will know to match up your feedback with the formula that was sent to you.

You'll find more information about our ingredients, including a master list, in your market trial emails.


Giving feedback about this market trial

We appreciate your participation in the first Feel Better After Drinks Market Trial program. Our main objectives is to collect feedback about your experiences through a short survey. The survey covers each time you take Feel Better After Drinks, including time of day, number of drinks, and the resulting outcomes. We’d like you fill out one survey for each sample dosage you take. The feedback you provide is very valuable to how refine and position this product. We greatly value what you say about your usage. In addition, your willingness to provide your insights qualifies you for future participation in our future Market Trials and other promotional programs.


Contacting us

If you didn’t receive your samples, if you have a question not covered in this guide, if you have an issue or concern about Feel Better After Drinks or participating in our Market Trial program, please feel free to contact us. We do not use phone for customer support but we will respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. Please be sure to include your email and contact information.


General information about the Feel Better After Drinks Market Trial program

Feel Better After Drinks is a new product undergoing a pre-market trial, that’s why you’re here. Our program objectives are easy to understand:

  • Find qualified participants
  • Sign them up for the program
  • Send out samples of Feel Better After Drinks
  • Collect feedback about participants’ experiences
  • Refine the product and get it ready for mass market sales

Your role is critical and central to this process - by participating in our Market Trial you’re one of the very first ambassadors for Feel Better After Drinks. We believe that if you love what this product does for you, so will everyone else. We’d love to have feedback for every dose we’ve shipped, and we’ll periodically send you reminders to try your samples and give us feedback. Remember, if you want to share this solution with your friends, have them sign up separately for the program so we can register and track their usage properly.

If you take all the samples we’ve sent you, if you sign up your friends for the program, and if you give us feedback on all your experiences, we will automatically consider you for future promotional programs and events. We know you’re here because, like us, you seek an authentic solution to help you perform your best everyday, even on those days when overindulged the night before. Together we’ll make Feel Better After Drinks an effective solution to reduce the symptoms of party hangover.

Many thanks!

The Feel Better After Drinks Team at Beta Farm Inc.


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